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OHV Permit Program

The City of California City enjoys the distinction of being the third largest city in California with land area that totals 203 square miles. The City is home to a vast area of ultra-terrain composites for off-road machines to search and/or traverse. The California City Police Department has created the Desert Incident Response Team to patrol these ultra-terrain areas and to deploy resources for off road incidents. Funded and operated through State Parks, by way of OHV funds (green sticker fees), and the California City OHV Permit Program, D.I.R.T. plays a public safety role for all visitors to this high desert community. The OHV Recreation Program maintains the Borax Bill Park located along the historic Twenty Mule Team Parkway.

In addition to the California City Street Operating Permit, all non-street legal vehicles MUST display a current and valid California State Green or Red Sticker (38010, 38020 CVC).

Helicopter Crew

Designated OHV Areas

There are over 1,800 miles of City combination use roads/dirt trails and 33.5 miles of designated OHV trails in California City to include the OHV Trail into the City's Business District. The focus point was BLM Trail R5 at Bucknell/Chrysler Drive. Two OHV routes were designed from that point to Borax Bill Park, CC10 and CC5. CC10 is a route that follows non-maintained City streets (11 miles). CC5 is a challenging route through City easements (8.5 miles). CC5 merges into CC10 at Borax Bill Park, and continues on to the Business District (14 miles). The attached map reflects the main roadways into California City, other OHV riding areas, restricted areas for OHV operation, and designated OHV trails.

Helicopter in bad weather
Borax Bill Substation
GPS: N35* 10.278' W117* 50.247'
Riding Map Purchase Permits OHMVR Commission

Helicopter Overhead

Since the D.I.R.T. program began in 2000, we have assisted in over 10,000 incidents.

Your fees pay for infrastructure maintenance (roads, sewer, and water) and park maintenance for the OHV areas.

.....and keeps public safety services operating in the OHV areas.


  • Police
  • Medical Rescue
  • Camping
  • Water
  • Sewer Deposit
  • Restrooms
  • Hot Showers
  • Fresh Water
  • Patio Shades

Camping at Borax Bill Park



Weekday Non-holiday $25 $10
Weekday Holiday $25 $15
Weekend Non-holiday $25 $15
Weekend Holiday $40 $20

Camping is available at Borax Bill Park on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise restricted such as the week of Thanksgiving. There is no fee for dry camping at Borax Bill Park

Permit Pickup Locations

  • Police Department
  • Borax Bill Park

RED and GREEN sticker riding year round. A map of the California City riding area is available at the California City Police Department, Borax Bill park, and at local vendors. There is no charge for this map. For information on other riding areas near California City go to:

Buy your OHV permits and RV passes now at the following businesses in California City!

  • Foxy's Landing
  • Ace City Hardware
  • Wonder Acres Market
  • High Desert Cycle
  • Napa Auto Parts