Covid-19 Information

The California City Police Department has been inundated with phone calls from persons seeking information on our OHV area and or the Bureau of Land Management issuing citations.

First, we are not affiliated with the Bureau of Land Management and cannot comment or speak as to whether they are closing their OHV areas and or issuing citations.

Secondly, persons are asking if they can still come to California City to camp and ride. We currently cannot keep you out. However, we encourage you to abide by Governor Newsom’s Executive Order to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everyone is at risk, especially the first responders of our community. Please, do us all a favor and remain at home. Our beautiful desert will still be here when the pandemic is over.

Should I travel?

Many of you are probably wondering if you should leave your home. Follow this link for guidance regarding the current stay-at-home order:


BLM Land Closures

Folloow this link for current BLM land closures: