police department

Community Services

The California City Police Department offers many services to residents free of charge.

Vacation House Checks

If you are planning a vacation or will be leaving you home unattended, we offer vacation house checks in which officers will make periodic visits to your home to verify it remains intact. Simply download the form below and drop it off at the police station. This service may only be used for a maximum of 30 days. This is not meant as a safeguard for vacant/abandoned structures

Gun Locks

California City Police Department offers FREE gun locks to citizens of California City. These can be picked up during regular business hours at the Records Department.

Alarm Registration

At the bottom of this page you find a downloadable PDF form to register your monitored home alarm. Simply fill out the form and deliver it to the police department.

YANA boxes

“You Are Not Alone” box program is designed with the active senior in mind. Many seniors live alone and may have medical issues that become an emergency, preventing them from calling or being mobile enough to unlock their residential door for emergency personnel to enter and administer aid.

The YANA box is simply a secured, locked box that has your door key inside. The box is secured to your door and only police and fire personnel will have the combination to get your key. If police or fire personnel need to gain access to your residence to check on your well-being or provide emergency medical assistance to you, it is much easier to unlock the door than to damage the door or a window to give assistance.

Several local businesses have donated funding for the purchase of the lock boxes so that seniors are not burdened with the cost of the lock box.

The California City Police Department is committed to safeguard the lives and property of the residents of California City. We as a caring community work together for independence and security in our everyday lives.

Applications for both the Y.A.N.A box program and the Y.A.N.A. phone call program are available at the Records counter at California City Police Department during regular business hours.

Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS)

In 1994, after budgetary cuts, The California city Police Department saw the need for additional manpower. The department needed help in the station to do all the time consuming things that were tying up their officers but that didn’t really require an officers’ attention. They also thought it would be nice to have some additional eyes and ears available when extra patrols were needed. This is when the Volunteers in Public Service (V.I.P.S.) program was brought to California City.

The call went out for mature adults with clean criminal and driving records and an interest in volunteering with the Police Department. Applications came in, interviews were done and on July 21, 1994, the first orientation was held for the first group of volunteers. On August 13, 1994, the first training class of the required 40 hour minimum of training was held.

The Police Department held an Open House for the new police station on August 21. Shortly thereafter, V.I.P.S. began manning the front desk and that was the start of a very busy time for the volunteers.

The first V.I.P.S. staffed patrol rolled out of the station (in a very old Dodge Diplomat) the evening of October 21, 1994.

Since that time another group of volunteers has also been trained and their areas of involvement have widened. As the need arises, volunteers are trained in more areas and the added activities draw even more volunteers.


Here is a list of some of the activities and programs the volunteers are involved in:

  • Police citizen patrols such as vacation house checks and extra-patrol checks
  • Animal registration
  • Training
  • Community Relations
  • Computer/data entry
  • Paper & material delivery to other Agencies
  • Front desk & odd jobs at the Police Department
  • Neighborhood Watch programs
  • School patrols
  • Y.A.N.A. (You Are Not Alone) checks on the elderly/disabled

In the future, volunteers might also help with:

  • Business licensing inspections
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Gang activity research
  • Assist with firearms training
  • Station tour guides
  • Parking enforcement
  • Home fire alarm survey checks